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          About Us

          Consisting of a number of leading Film, Television and Broadcasting facilities companies, ASPEC exists to provide a collective voice within the industry

          About ASPECAchievements
          Since its inception ASPEC has been responsible for a number of notable achievements gained through professional discussion and negotiation. ASPEC also provides industry representation to a broad range of committees and steering groups.

          RENTAL GUARD
          RENTAL GUARD is a new suite of web-based tools designed to help professional rental companies fight fraud and theft. Developed in conjunction with PERG, ASPEC's sister group in North America, RENTAL GUARD enables a network of companies around the world to share information about how thefts are occurring, gain intelligence about potential new customers, report and receive information on questionable customers, and list missing/stolen equipment. Visit www.missingequipment.org for more information.

          Health and Safety
          ASPEC is a Member of the Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment for Health and Safety in the Film and Television industry and has taken an active role in implementing guidelines and Health & Safety standards set by the Health & Safety Executive. In addition, ASPEC co-Chairs the Film, Broadcast Health & Safety Group (FBHS) together with the Production Guild of Great Britain. This Group includes representation from the BBC, ITV, Creative Skillset, Equity, BECTU, PAWSI and the Health & Safety Executive.

          Camera Crane Guidance Manual
          The creation of a formal guide for the safe operation of camera cranes was undertaken, financed and successfully introduced into the industry by ASPEC. This document came to be recognised as the industry standard for the operation of cranes and is now being updated to include the very latest items of equipment.
          When completed, this document may be downloaded via a link on this website.

          About ASPECMeetings
          ASPEC holds meetings every two months and speakers are regularly invited from a wide range of organizations, Associations and Groups to impart professional advice, relating to all aspects of the industry and business management.

          Commercial Agreement
          In August 2002, ASPEC preserved a formal labour agreement for the provision of Gaffers and Electricians to Commercial productions. Following failed negotiations between the Electricians’ Union (AMICUS) and the production companies Association (APA), it was felt essential by ASPEC that, in order to maintain professional standards within the Commercials industry, a formal agreement should be preserved. The resulting agreement is now the industry standard.